A year-end dance recital is an annual event that provides the opportunity to showcase each dancer while demonstrating what they’ve been working on over the course of their lessons. Think of it as a moving art exhibit!

The recital is a chance for each dancer to celebrate their growth and accomplishments as they get to show off their skills on a professional stage! Participants can demonstrate how much they have learned and how hard they have worked throughout their weekly classes while they finally get to share this with their close friends and family. Having this opportunity is incredibly rewarding and the ACBMD recital is something that the whole family can sit back and enjoy.

Gala, Celebrations & Variations Shows

Each of our 3 end of year shows focus on showcasing the students. Our students have all worked hard to master this wonderfully expressive art. You will get to see just how far each student has come since the last recital, or since starting their first class. This is a great way to encourage our students to further their development and to show all of our guests where continuing in our programs could lead one day.